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AVAILABLE, See catalog: SNCF CC 6500/21000 gauge I (1/32)

Engins de grande puissance, très fiables, capables de satisfaire aux besoins de services tant rapides que lourds, elles furent les premières locomotives de série aptes à 200 km/h. Destinées à la traction de trains de prestige, ces machines devaient également se démarquer par leur aspect extérieur.

Elles sont souvent, de par leur esthétique et leur décoration particulièrement réussies, considérées comme les plus belles locomotives électriques de la SNCF.
Modelbex se propose de reproduire à l’échelle I (1/32) ces extraordinaires machines, dans une exécution qui comblera les amateurs les plus exigeants, que ce soit pour la vitrine ou l’exploitation.

Please find below three pictures of available models.


Modelbex Modelbex Modelbex

SNCF CC 72000 gauge I (1/32)

Au début des années 1960, la SNCF avait un besoin important de locomotives Diesel-électriques de grande puissance pour remplacer les locomotives à vapeur. Une nouvelle génération de moteurs 16 cylindres SACM permettra le développement de locomotives aptes à assurer la traction de trains de voyageurs et de marchandises nécessitant des performances élevées sur nombre de lignes non électrifiées : la CC 72000 était née. Ces machines sont considérées par la plupart des amateurs comme les plus belles locomotives Diesel-électriques françaises.

Modelbex Modelbex Modelbex

ABDe 4001 & 4003 gauge HOm

08.06.2016 / The first sample has just arrived - See pictures below.

A unique opportunity : The MOB self propelled railcar ABDe 4002 and 4004 !
From their starting in 1968, the self-propelled railcar ABDe 4001/4 have been the spearhead of the MOB trains fl eet, dutifully pulling fast trains as well as regional ones. They have met all kind of passengers vehicules, from the old open deck car to the classic wagon and the modern air conditioned panoramic car, and postal wagon. They have also tracted trains with a combination of passengers and freight cars, bringing to the areas they crossed all the supplies that where needed, from cement to heating oil, cattle, roadbed or wood for the paper industry.
Today, almost a half century later, these brave machines are going to slowly disappear from the railway scenery, replaced by new engines mating the actual standards in modern railroad traction.
To allow train lovers and model makers to achieve accurate and realistic MOB train for a fair price, the MOB company has chosen to collaborate with the specialized enterprise MOBELBEX in order to reproduce these railcars once again. We will offer two different versions (please read below), leaving the possibility to reconstitute at home the train of your dreams, using the equipment of different making (Bemo/Friho/Fulgurex/Motreno/Lemaco/Lematec).

Modelbex Modelbex Modelbex

0 SNCF BB-63500 (1/43.5)

The very popular BB-63500 of the French railways SNCF will be the first Modelbex scale ‘0’ model. It has been chosen at the request of numerous model train lovers, since many units were built and since it is a universal locomotive. There will be several versions suited for the steam era as well as for more modern times.

The Modelbex model is intended for those who appreciate beautiful models as well as for those who like to operate their models on a lay-out, thanks to the efficiency and sturdiness of its mechanism.

The PDF file gives you all information about the various versions.

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